Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Holiday Day Camp

This morning was full of holiday spirit.  Students started their time with Mrs. Martinez in Art.  Students created a winter scene and adorable snowmen/women.  Students loved working with a new art material, model magic.  Squishy and fun!

Mrs. Martinez shows us how to create snowman using model magic.

Here we are busy creating snowmen/women.

Here are some of our creations.

Mrs. Martinez demonstrates how to create a backdrop for our snow people.

Brainstorming winter scenes.

After snack we spent some time creating, moving and playing musical games.  First we read the book Drummer Boy by Loren Long.  We all became little drummers and played-a-long with story.

After drumming we spent some time ice skating around the room.  Students analyzed the different sections in the music and created different movements to go with each.  Take a look at what we created to go along with the Skater's Waltz.

Our last musical activity was a singing game from England called Christmas is Coming.  In the game children pass a hat (Mrs. Quezada's hat must have blown away in the wind so today we used a drum) to the steady beat.  Whoever has the hat on the last beat is out.  The game goes on until one person, the winner, is left with the hat!